Green Zone 11

Established to provide a haven for survivors and for the preservation of our common Human culture and knowledge in the face of extinction, Green Zone 11 is a secured and self sufficient community made up of the ragged survivors of the apocalypse.

Our global civilization has ended, join us now as we celebrate life and begin the great labor of building our future from the ashes.

​Pre-sale has ended, but you can still buy your entrance at the gate (open at 10:30a, each day of the event)

14600 Baron Drive CoronaCA 92880


Copyright © Green Zone 11 

Tired of barely living and just feeling stuck in the radioactive wastes of the world?

Do raiders and petty warlords keep taking hard found supplies, women and children?

Do you always find yourself dodging slavers, cannibals and zombie hordes?

Well, don't wait for the world to fix itself...

Rally to Green Zone 11!